We have been in the field of Financial Planning since 2011. We have extensive experience, not only in this area , making investment portfolio and tax planning advisory as we have been filing over hundreds of online income tax returns includes non-salaried employees whose gross receipt turnover do not exceed Rs 1 crore in financial year.

 We thank all our clients who have kept us in business and allowed us to grow and flourish. Many of our clients have been with us for years now and appreciate our assistance & expertise. Some of them have been quite effusive in what they had to say about us. A few of them have been reproduced here to give you an idea of the difference we have made to them.


I have known Suresh Narula for about an year and so far he’s been a great coach and an astute financial adviser. He’s all the right credentials (well published in news media, SEBI registrations, etc.) and a very friendly educative style of walking you through the reality and plan your financial future on sound fundamentals. Candidly speaking – I was tempted to ask him for short-cuts on more than one instance, but all his advise has been rooted in sound, long-term, and good principles. If you’re looking for a competent and understanding financial coach – Suresh Narula is your man! Strongly recommended.

Rahul Khare, Banglore

 I am very happy and greatly satisfied with the PrudentFP Financial Planning services as they are giving to me.” I had lost big part of my savings by investing in stock market. My father had invested lot of traditional insurance policies in name of mine and they are neither giving decent cover nor getting any reasonable return. When I realized that lots of my savings has gone, confusion and fear of funding of my daughters’ marriage gripped me. I started having sleepless nights and health issues. At this juncture only, I browsed the net and joined Prudent Financial Planners.

Prudent Financial Planners gave me comprehensive analysis of my existing traditional insurance policies which are to be surrendered or paid up as lot of my big part of my savings was going to insurance premium. Before joining PrudentFP, I have also been maintaining my portfolio of plenty of mutual funds schemes which are, now merged into only 4-5 funds comprises mix of large and mid cap funds and having only one gold ETF.

Now, I am just focused on my funding on daughters’ marriage planning which I have started some SIPs in equity mutual funds. I am confident that I will be able to achieve the required corpus of my daughters’ marriage.

Deepak Tiwari, Panchkula(HR)

Suresh has always been thoughtful and insightful with regard to my needs, rather than his own. His investment suggestions have been sensible and fair. He has demonstrated sound and conservative financial ability.” After talking to him on various investment recommendations, I felt that investing through him was a good way to put some money away and let it grow without me having to deal with it. My goal was to forget about the investment, only to come back to it years later and find a small treasure. I don’t have the time too personally focus on this investment, I am happy to have found a trustworthy financial adviser to manage my funds so I can concentrate my time and energy on expanding my career.”

                                                                                              Parveen Sharma, Bilaspur (HP)

 I always thought of planning my finances the smartest way, but had no expected knowledge on how to lay a road map or where to start. I found the article in Business Bhaskar about Suresh Narula and after reading through all his articles on his blogger website www.sureshcfp.com and after personally speaking to him I really felt that he is the right person whom I am looking for to help me to shape and lay road map for my finances. Suresh is a true professional and a good listener and never misses an appointment, which are the most important attributes that one should have particularly in the finance field to win the trust of the clients. Suresh has taken greater care in laying road map so that I could easily reach all my goals in the available time. I was quite a lot impressed with the high level of knowledge which he possesses and the degree of command he has in his subject. “Suresh is truly what I will call you as Financial Doctors/True Certified Financial Planners looking after my financial health. I fully recommend his name to whosoever who wants to come to them for getting their financial planning done.

Parvesh Bansal(NRI), Mandi Gobindgarh(Punjab)

I personally believe that proper financial planning is very important For a long time, I was not sure of how to go about financial planners, until I came across Suresh’s article. One day, I found his article in Dainik Bhaskar and I got very much impressed. This is the reason I decided to use his financial planning services, and I am very happy with my decision to do so. Suresh’s approach to analyzing my finances has been very systematic. It is also customized, as it needs to be, since every individual’s circumstances are slightly different. He has come up with some very sensible suggestions about the changes that I need to make. Even for the aspects of my finances that did not need any change; his analysis provided me with the conviction, and consequently the peace of mind, that I am on the right track. “I would unequivocally recommend Suresh’s services to anyone who cares about his financial health. The very reasonable fee that Suresh charges for his services are well worth the results.”

Suresh Kumar, Sirhoi (Rajasthan)

Suresh Narula is my intimate friend and when I came to know that he is now becomes professional financial planner, then I approached him and ask for making my financial planning. He took the charge on all my personal finances.” Suresh’s monthly cash flow management calculations and the consequent recommendations take into account all the requirements of a family and offer complete clarity as to the way forward.” This is a strategic exercise which is beneficial for every individual. Most of us don’t do it. Suresh has excellent knowledge and approach the planning exercise in a professional manner. The exercise itself takes time and I had to discuss many times before the final plan was out. The effort I put in was well worth the effort. I highly recommend him to anyone who really wants a blueprint to their financial life.”

Vishal Kakar, Panchkula(HR)

I was unsure of my personal finances at the time when I first met Suresh Narula because after working hard for 10 years, when I looked back I saw people amassing a lot of wealth, even the people who never worked so hard in their lives. I knew I was missing out on something that everyone else seems to be aware of. I knew the only way to earn money was through hard work and leave everything to god. Equity market I thought is something to do with gambling and had no clue about investments. Only thing I had was only ULIPs. “Prudent Financial Planners gave me a totally different perspective about money and how you can make your money work for you. I got to know about term plans and health insurance and other modes of investments.” Most importantly I realized that no matter how much you keep on putting into your money in banks it will never be the same as your personal assets. It is so much important to create a class of asset that works to earn for you even when you are not actively pursuing. I learned about keeping Insurance and Investments separate. I realized the importance of saving and investing so as to be able to beat at least the rising inflation. All these financial decisions have helped me come out of a great mental stress for the future. Still future is always uncertain but being prepared is always better than having to deal with the situations as they arise in front of you.”

Amit Goyal, Panchkula (HR)

Suresh has been advising me on my financial affairs since long time. I have already been burnt my fingers in stock market and then, Suresh had realized and brain stormed me about my investment plan.” I, then provided my all financial data and got my comprehensive financial plan. I not only got a financial plan at the end of the day but also a good learning in basic financial planning concepts – which really helped me understand my baseline and what I needed to do to improve from that position.

The one year action plan that was provided at the end was an excellent add-on as it gave a crystal clear roadmap on the immediate next steps. Overall the entire experience has been very fulfilling and I look forward to working with you towards implementing my financial plan over the next few decades.”

Kulbhushan Jamwal, Distt Kangra (HP)

Your articles are really fabulous; I am your great fan. Sir I want my son to become great person like you. So can I make a humble request to you that what is the meaning of degree MFC, and CFP and how & from where it is acquired? Your line of reply will be highly appreciated .

R.K. Mulchandani, Through e-mail

Suresh Kumar Narula is a peer and we know each other being a member of Financial Planners Guild India, an association of financial planners in India, committed to advancing the financial planning profession in India.

I found Suresh to be a simple,humble, great listener and some one who believes in Putting Client Interest First. Suresh’s commitment to the financial planning profession is excellent and the fact that he has already become a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser is a validation of it.

Wish him great success in his new endeavor and I sincerely believe that clients who believe and trust him will benefit immensely from his financial planning and advice recommendations.

                                                                            Partha Iynger, Choice Architect for Millenials

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Suresh Kumar Narula

SEBI Investment Advisor, Founder & Principal Financial Planner at Prudent Financial Planners
Suresh K Narula is founder and Principal Financial Planner at Prudent Financial Planners. He has earned the professional CERITIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and got registered with SEBI as Investment Advisor. He writes on personal and financial planning articles and got published in Dainik Bhaskar, Business Bhaskar and The Financial Planner's Guild, India. He is also a member of Financial Planner's Guild India ( An association of practicing SEBI registered Investment advisers) to create awareness about Financial Planning in general public, promote professional excellence and ensure high quality practice standards. Suresh received his an M.com from Himachal Pardesh University and an MFC from Punjab University, Chandigarh. He can be reached at info@prudentfp.in
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