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Financial planning provides a road map for your financial life. It can make the journey less stressful, more fun, and more successful. And, you can start right now – even if only a few steps at a time. Ours is a fee-only model, which ensures that our advice & recommendations remain free of any biases.

Services rendered by our comprehensive financial planning Includes:

  • An absolute clarification of your existing financial conditions
  • The facility of identifying personal as well as financial goals objectives
  • The knowledge of identifying your financial problems and opportunities
  • The written records of initiating the solutions where it is most appropriate
  • The final periodical review of your financial planning needs

Prudent Financial Health Checkup

Prudent Financial Health Checkup empowers you by creating a statement of your current financial position would indicate that  whether you will be able to fund all your financial set goals or not. It is focused on making sure you can realize your goals with the calculation of what they will cost and the resources that you have available to achieve them. In addition to taking action to realize your goals, it is also important to ensure that your resources are protected against unforeseen events. It envisages the key sources you have available are set out in the tabular form with the appropriate protection list.

Retirement Planning

As soon as many of us reach the stage of retirement, the disability in our financial status becomes a major area of concern. During this period, the income generally stops but the expenses do not. In order to realise your dreams of retirement, we help you every step of the way in making a successful planning for you.

How crucial is retirement planning for you? What time appears to be best for you to invest? How planning in advance turns out to be fruitful for your coming years? We can help you with the best solutions to the above questions and any other that may be of concern to you

Choose excellent retirement planning related services from us and let your money grow for your previous retirement years.

Children’s Future Planning

Children’s future planning services offerings with us overcome almost all of your worries as we take whole responsibilities on our shoulders. We keep you enlightened with those investment techniques, which can cover your financial blanket at the deepest level.

Along with this, we teach your children the value of money. Being included under our children’s future planning services, you can receive excessive freedom towards the overall management of money as it is never too late to start planning for your children’s future. Under successful planning scheme, we work towards the betterment of feasible and stable financial career of your children.

Investment Planning

In order to best satisfy your overall investment needs, we work with extreme flexibility by largely focusing on the major risk areas or those, which have the potential to ruin your financial freedom. Our services help you in supporting entire life long goals that largely fulfills the basic goals. We offer wide variety of investment choices for financial relief onlookers; Bonds, mutual funds, real estate, stocks along with finest insurance protection and retirement savings, you will find our peerless and superior investment planning services to be the best.

Our investment planning steps undergo all those stages, which make your investment planning successful. Identification of financial needs, analyzing about your investment choices and the final implementation on various investment choices are the fixed investment planning processes through which we solve the worries of on-lookers.

Insurance Planning

Bear in mind, insurance is an important risk management tool that can protect you and your family from financial hardship caused by unplanned events. In order to make this whole process more affluent,we work with our clients  to identify your risks and implement cost-effective risk management program that has been developed with your specific circumstances and requirements in mind. Insurance recommendations provided by our Insurance Planning Services include:

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Comprehensive Health Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • International Travel Insurance

Under the guidance of our health planner, you can get an opportunity to receive wider insurance coverage and interestingly at low premium rates. Consideration of your overall needs, deciding what type of life insurance can best meet with your needs and other service related queries are actively answered by us.

Wealth Managment

Wealth management services are especially initiated to help high net worth individuals towards the protection and growth of wealth. An accurate management of wealth can certainly keep you aware with the primary monetary goals by developing well actionable strategies for the further realisation of goals. Categorizing wealth management services under the specialized financial services, which one can avail for obtaining the better control and growth of wealth, would not be wrong at all.

The sole aim of our Financial firm is to advance your vision of wealth by allowing and pursuing the excessive financial security. The best management of your wealth focuses in establishing an accurate and wide array towards the protection and growth of wealth.

Our Wealth management services begins with an accurate analysis of your existing financial situation, recording of your existing financial aims, creation of an asset for growth and lastly the verification of all legal way outs to your wealth management.

Income Tax Advisory

We have made filing returns easier by offering professional advice at an affordable cost. We understand that many taxpayers remain unsure about the laws and the actual procedure. Also, apprehensions remain when it comes to e-filing, especially among people who are not tech-savvy. And other biggest confusion mayhem  while filing returns is to find out which form to fill and the documents to attach. So, you don’t have to worry about it as we take care of these issues.

Getting the dreaded notices from the IT department can be the worst nightmare for any taxpayer. So, we provide post-filing assistance in case our clients get a tax notice and we reply to the tax notices online on behalf of them and if needed, we represent our clients in scrutiny cases. We also provide a document vault.  Your association with us would not end just filing returns, we also help you save taxes and take care of your financial and tax planning needs. A full tracking your tax refund and assessment status online and rectification, revising return, if needed, consultation at the time of  investment declaration, job change, increment, proof submission, sale of any capital asset, self assessment tax and advance tax payments, at any point of time, over a period of one year. Also, a complete tax file is maintained containing your tax returns, assessment orders, notices, refunds, and all related documents. All this is to keep you from paying excess taxes and interest penalties on late payment of taxes are included our prudent and premium services. We keep update latest amendments in tax laws through your email and phone based.

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Suresh Kumar Narula

SEBI Investment Advisor, Founder & Principal Financial Planner at Prudent Financial Planners
Suresh K Narula is founder and Principal Financial Planner at Prudent Financial Planners. He has earned the professional CERITIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and got registered with SEBI as Investment Advisor. He writes on personal and financial planning articles and got published in Dainik Bhaskar, Business Bhaskar and The Financial Planner's Guild, India. He is also a member of Financial Planner's Guild India ( An association of practicing SEBI registered Investment advisers) to create awareness about Financial Planning in general public, promote professional excellence and ensure high quality practice standards. Suresh received his an from Himachal Pardesh University and an MFC from Punjab University, Chandigarh. He can be reached at
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