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Religare Care Freedom: Get Health Insurance without any Medical Check-Ups

You do not choose to fall ill and illness means expenses. Of course, mostly health insurance companies ask for to go through stringent medical evaluation tests to check pre-existing illness, especially they also insist on putting healthy members who are just above 45 years for pre-screening tests before covering their life. Also, if you have […]

Are you worried about your Pre-existing Illness?

Amid growing widespread awareness of buying health insurance policy, many people, especially late buyers are worried about getting a health insurance plan for pre-existing illness conditions. The last couple of years, majority of the claims are rejected under the pre-existing illness clause. Health insurers have the highest number of cases pending in consumer courts. I […]

Boost Your Health cover by Self-Financing!

There are the so-called ‘traditional’ health insurance plans, commonly known as ‘medi-claim’ policies across not only general insurance companies, life insurers are also offering health insurance covers. People with permanent jobs are covered by their employers. The self-employed usually opt for an annual health insurance plan.  But, they mainly cover hospitalization expenses provided it is […]