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Hindsight of Investing in Tax Free Bonds!

Ramesh is worried about to make fresh investment as interest rates going southwards, which is bad news for many savers , including senior citizens. Being a conservative investor, he has never looked beyond fixed deposits for his savings. Ramesh keeps evaluating bank FD interest rates for locking his funds for more than five years. But […]

Religare Care Freedom: Get Health Insurance without any Medical Check-Ups

You do not choose to fall ill and illness means expenses. Of course, mostly health insurance companies ask for to go through stringent medical evaluation tests to check pre-existing illness, especially they also insist on putting healthy members who are just above 45 years for pre-screening tests before covering their life. Also, if you have […]

NPS is still Tax Inefficient and flawed product!

The National Pension Scheme (NPS) was launched in 2004, as a pure-defined contribution product based pension system, which seems still confused about its design, marketing and taxation even after eleven years since its launch. The scheme has failed to nudge people into long-term savings that might provide a comfortable retirement income due to its cumbersome […]

Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme may not be suitable for everyone!

There have been a lot of discussion happening and reviewing about the Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme. The scheme envisages to motivate parents to augment their savings for specific goals such as the daughter’s education and marriage. The scheme primarily highlights giving a tax-free relatively high interest rate 9.2% p.a. among all other saving schemes which is […]